The artistic side of engineering

100 Questions.

  1. What will I do tomorrow?
  2. What do I have left to do today?
  3. What did I do today?
  4. Was today stressful?
  5. Will this week be stressful?
  6. Am I looking forward to this week?
  7. Do I have any big tests this week?
  8. Do I have homework left?
  9. What is the weather like today?
  10. What should I wear?
  11. What time do I have to leave for class tomorrow?
  12. Am I happy to be back at school?
  13. Do I miss home?
  14. When will I be going back home?
  15. How long until spring break?
  16. Will this semester be better than the last?
  17. What big goals do I have for the year?
  18. What am I going to change this year that I never did last year?
  19. How late am I going to stay up tonight?
  20. When do I have to leave for class tomorrow?
  21. Should I set up a time management schedule to get my work done more efficiently?
  22. Do I understand everything going on in my classes right now?
  23. Could I be doing more to study?
  24. Am I forgetting any homework?
  25. Could I get better grades than I am getting right now?
  26. Was I truly happy with my grades last semester?
  27. What will I do to get better grades next semester?
  28. Should I go out tonight?
  29. Do I have any plans tonight?
  30. What is going on next weekend?
  31. When’s the next time that I work?
  32. Have I checked my email today?
  33. Do I need anything from the store?
  34. How much money do I have right now?
  35. Do I have time to stop at the ATM?
  36. Is the ATM on my way to class?
  37. What is the most efficient way to class?
  38. How long will it take to get to class on time?
  39. Do I need to go to lecture tomorrow?
  40. Do I know my schedule yet?
  41. What class will take up the most time this semester?
  42. How should I deal with this class?
  43. How far ahead am I in my studies right now?
  44. Should I work to continue to be ahead?
  45. Am I worried about anything at the moment?
  46. When will I hear back about the internship?
  47. Is it likely that I got the internship?
  48. If not, where will I work this summer?
  49. What is more important, money or experience?
  50. Can I get my old job back?
  51. What will I need the money for?
  52. Should I be paying for of my amenities than I am right now?
  53. Do I need to do laundry yet?
  54. How much longer can I go without doing laundry?
  55. When was the last time I worked out?
  56. When is the next day I have time to work out?
  57. What homework do I have left for chem?
  58. Are there any classes that I feel like I cannot do very well in this semester?
  59. Should I drop or add any classes?
  60. How many credit hours will I have by the end of the semester?
  61. If I maintain 15 credit hours per semester will I have enough to graduate or not?
  62. What do I have to do to continue to be a James Scholar?
  63. Do I need an honors course?
  64. What GPA do I have to get this semester to average a 3.3?
  65. Do I think I can get a 4.0 this semester?
  66. Are my classes really going to be easier this semester than they were last semester?
  67. How much harder are my classes going to get?
  68. How many hours a day should I plan to study to stay on top of everything?
  69. What books do I need for my classes still?
  70. Do I have any prelabs for physics or chem to do this week?
  71. When do I need my physics manuals by?
  72. When is my first actual chem lab?
  73. Do I have any odd events this week that I gotta keep track of?
  74. Why do I have to write a hundred questions?
  75. When was the last time I gave my parents a call?
  76. Do I have anything new to tell my parents?
  77. Do I have plans for spring break yet?
  78. Are there any vacations I want to go on?
  79. Is everything set to go for the apartment next year?
  80. When will I move into the apartment?
  81. Is there any new music that I want to download?
  82. What shows do I need to catch up on?
  83. Should I renew Netflix or wait until break?
  84. Am I truly enjoying school?
  85. Is this the right place for me?
  86. Am I in the right major?
  87. Am I taking the right classes to graduate on time?
  88. Should I be looking into research opportunities?
  89. Should I join some engineering clubs next semester?
  90. Can I get anything more out of school that I’m not right now?
  91. Is there anything I’d like to change about my life right now?
  92.  Do I like who I am right now?
  93. Do I regret anything first semester?
  94. Do I still need to write more questions?
  95. Will this week be easier after Monday?
  96. Should I focus on anything more right now?
  97. Is this really that important?
  98. Am I hungry?
  99. Am I tired right now?
  100. What do I value most right now?

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