The artistic side of engineering

What is literacy?

Most people define literacy as the ability to read and write, to be literate or illiterate. But it is more than just being able to decipher letters and words on a page and repeat them back. It is being able to understand the meaning of the message at hand, what the author truly means. However, many authors choose to trap their ideas and beliefs behind metaphors and fancy language. I prefer plain text, not one that uses small words but one that is right out there and wears its heart on its sleeve so to say. Authors shouldn’t have to make readers search for their meaning within the puzzle of words on the page. Now this isn’t to say they necessarily have to be blunt about what they say, just make it so everyone can understand, connect, and communicate their ideas. Isn’t that what the point of reading and writing truly is? Being able to convey yours ideas onto a permanent document so anyone who reads it will know how you really felt about something. This is the easiest way for some people to get their beliefs and feelings out there. That’s why I personally find writings like this, and other blogs or vlogs to be some of the most important, not the Shakespeare stories we read in highschool english classes that you must read over and over to finally figure out what one sentence means.

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