The artistic side of engineering

10 things I saw today.




— A pond of water from the rain that has frozen over on the field next to the Art & Design Building.

— The sidewalk behind Bromley is all cracked and filled with mud so I have to jump over it.

— There’s an aqua colored car parked outside of the Illini Union Bookstore that has a boot on it. Bummer.

— A baby squirrel climbing on the steps of Coble Hall. I walked towards it to get a closer look but it ran away.

–My friend’s paisley bedspread that is very colorful. I zoomed in to see the detail of the design and then back out to see how it flows together


   My roommate's homemade speakers            

–Writing on the bathroom wall in Altgeld asking the answer to an elaborate equation. I couldn’t figure it out unfortunately

— A flyer outside the union talking about a ski trip coming up. I got a closer look to see the information. I’m considering going.

— The lights of Green Street illuminating the sky at night.

— An update that popped up on my computer that I left for a couple hours until I finally restarted it



–The immense amount of rain that created a river on the sidewalk on my way to Loomis.

–A bus had to screech to a halt in the downpour to avoid hitting a student crossing the road against the light.

— The pile of receipts that I still have to file away. I zoomed in on a couple to see when they were from. A couple months ago…

— My can of mountain dew I drank earlier. I admired the sharp new logo and have decided I like it better than the old one they had.

–The rain droplets left on my jacket when I came inside. It was interesting to look at them closer and see how they stayed there for hours.

–The HP logo on my monitor reflected the light off my lamp. Now I realize everything I have for my computer is HP.

— A police SUV stopped at a stoplight. It looks quite a bit more intimidating than the other police cars.



— All of the empty parking meters flashing zero caught my eye. Zoomed in and saw how sturdy they make these things.

— My own reflection in my sunglasses. Got the idea to use them as a mirror now.

— The swirl of color as I add cream to my coffee in the morning. The great contrast at first and then it all blends together.

— The shaking of my roommate’s subwoofer as he blasts his music. It looks odd because I can’t focus on it.

— The blades of the fan overhead spinning round and round. I can focus on these but it just becomes one big circle if I stare in one spot.



— The writing on the Chinese place next to Espresso Royale. I zoomed in to see the cracked window that it is on.

— The blinking green light on the ATM on Daniel. Caught my attention and is quite noticeable, even from afar.

— The green, itchy fabric on the seats in Noyes. Zoomed in to find its similar to tweed, and that’s what makes it so uncomfortable.

— The black case on my phone. A matte finish on the hard shell and a softer flexible case underneath. Some of the paint is coming off from wear and tear.



–A yellow Lamborghini parked in the parking lot of the Union. Very noticeable and I stopped for a good two mintues to just admire it.

— The street names in the sidewalk as you walk away from Green Street. I had never noticed them before and stopped to zoom in and see the detail and wear of the metal over the years.

–My roommate’s electric guitar. A bright red with a light wood neck and shiny pickups. Very pretty guitar, and it sounds great too.

— The blue and green clock on the wall in my room. The second hand moves slowly around and around as the others seem to stand still.

— The colorful random pattern on the seats of the bus I rode on. Don’t seem to really have a pattern but they do brighten up the bus quite a bit.



— The hockey calendar on the wall for this month. It has every game listed on it.

–My roommate’s huge St. Louis Blues banner draped across his wall. I zoomed in to see the detail of the logo and how it stood out from the background.

— My cube of Bucky Balls. I looked closer and noticed that I can see my reflection about twenty times if I get close enough.

–The grain in my ukulele and how defined it is. When you get close it is actually quite pretty in my opinion.

— The massive stone steps leading up to Foellinger that curve around and end with the pillars at the top.

— The ink from my pen as I right down notes for homework. When I look closer I see that it bleeds a lot on the paper and makes a cool design when I look very close at the detail.

— The giant piece of metal artwork in the center of the engineering quad. I walked closer to see it better and found it to be larger than I originally thought. It provides an interesting contrast to the flat walkways and grass that make up the rest of the quad.

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