The artistic side of engineering

Expressing my work in class.

I am most likely in the same boat as everyone else in regards to showing my work in class. I’m not terrified of it but at the same time I don’t necessarily look forward to having the opportunity to present something that turns out to be a flop. I do hope that eventually I will be showing my work and everyone that watches it will like what they see and be interested, but at this point I’m just getting started. I know I’m no master of cinematography or editing so it won’t come out to be as good as I hoped. Yet I’m still optimistic about what everyone’s reactions will be.

Aside from the risks of embarrassment and bad comments, I think it is valuable to show our work in class because the comments will only help us improve our future work and make everything we film from now on that much better. Overall I’d like to find out what people find the most interesting about my videos and what parts I should change up to keep their attention. This way, when it comes to the final project, I’ll have a few minutes of a great story that nobody wants to end instead of something that drags on or is hard to follow.

My first video…

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