The artistic side of engineering

Descriptive Ritual.

Every morning when I get out of the shower and dry my hair, I spend a few minutes putting product in it and adjusting it to look good. I’ll run my fingers through my damp hair a few times and follow it up by taking the rough, dry towel and drying it some more. I then twist open the AXE container of putty and take a small scoop of the white, gelatinous goo out of it. While the unique aroma of synthetic goodness that I can’t quite put my finger on fills my nose, I watch as the goo drips off the ends of my fingers until I have the right amount. I don’t take too much as to overdo it but then again, as my hair gets longer I need more and more to make it stay.With a dime sized amount on the tip of my fingers I rub it between my hands and then my hair. I make sure to get every last hair, no strays will work. I’ll adjust my hair a little bit here and there and then check in the mirror to make sure it looks good. If not, I continue adjusting and possibly even adding more goo if needed. Once I finally have the point on top, everything swooshing upward and the sides a little messy with no stray hairs, I’m good to go.

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