The artistic side of engineering


1. This first motif is a music video for a song called “Boy With A Coin”. A couple motifs stuck out in this video actually. First the guitar plays the same riff over and over and sets the rhythm for the song. And second, the video is of a group of dancers, that do repeated motions to the song.


2. I noticed the architecture around the doors of the main library and how it repeated for all of the doors as I walked past. I found this pattern to stand out against the brick walls and accent the building as a whole.

3. My mom loves to crochet and I noticed one of the pieces that she made had this pattern of alternating colors in a circular pattern that continues outward. She’s now made quite a few of these with different colors and designs.

4. This is part of the background on my phone. It’s black wood planks. It’s a simple pattern that repeats and seems to flow together nicely.

5. The hex pattern of the metal on the front of my speakers. It looks like like a steel honeycomb when you look at it closely. But is hardly noticeable from a distance. It’s hard to get a good picture because it’s so small, but it looks very similar to this:

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