The artistic side of engineering

Imaginary New Apartment.

The first thing that I put in my apartment without even thinking about was the bed and desk. I think these two things are necessities that I would need in my bedroom and are definitely the most important to me. After that I would put in a couch and TV/entertainment center. These two kind of go hand-in-hand because you need somewhere to sit to watch TV and everyone should have some sort of entertainment center that they enjoy when they need to relax. After that I would put in a table and chairs that I could eat at or for having guests over, basically a dining room table. Then I would like to have a fireplace and a balcony too just to add to the atmosphere of the whole apartment. Those are the most important things that I would want in my imaginary apartment. the bookcase, couple of chairs, plants, and anything else small would just be additional things to tie the whole room together.

Picture is backwards, but oh well.

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