The artistic side of engineering

Conversation vs Reading.

There are strengths and weaknesses from learning from both conversation and reading. I personally prefer learning through conversation just because you are able to react to what the person is telling you and communicate with them directly. These ideas that go back and forth between two people can change over the course of them conversing and ultimately, both people may learn something in the end. On the other hand, once it’s all said and done, you can’t go back and review what you learned like you can with a book. That’s the strength of books, they are written down and always will be so you can’t forget something and never be able to learn it again. But conversation isn’t set in stone, so what one person might say or what you think they say can change from one moment to the next. Although I prefer learning through conversation I would have to say that they are both equally important in the learning process because you can take away very different things from each.

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