The artistic side of engineering

Motif Reflection.

Overall I think I like how my motif project turned out for the most part and I received the kind of response that I expected. There weren’t very many hiccups in the project and nothing really stuck out that was bad when I showed it to the class. However, I did notice that the camera seemed quite a bit more shaky on the big screen than it did while I was editing it. This isn’t a huge problem, I’ll just be more careful with keeping the camera steady and use a tripod as much as possible from now on. The question I asked in class was if the short cuts of the clock added to the clip or if it seemed like it didn’t flow too well with the rest of the video. And overall, it seemed like everyone thought it was alright. Some people said it did flow because it went with the ticking of the clock and others said it didn’t exactly flow but that it was better that way because it stuck out. That was my goal for the short clips, to make them stick out to the audience and make the viewers really understand the concept of time passing.

During this project I’ve learned that a majority of the work is the brainstorming; figuring out what I want to film and how I want to film it. Once I have a mental picture of how I want it to be, the hard part is over. But then again, the filming can take a while too, so it really helps to start early. In addition, I found that personally I work/edit a video a lot more efficiently when I just sit down and do it all at once. This is because I like to keep that mental image fresh in my mind and it helps me stay on track and make the content of the video flow a lot more smoothly. As far as presenting my work to the class, the first sentence video that I showed I was a little nervous about but it seemed to have a good response and I realized that nobody is ever going to flat out hate your work. There’s good aspects and bad aspects to every film and the whole point of talking to he other students about our videos is to emphasize those points so we can improve our works even more for later projects.

In reality, I’ve found these projects to be a lot more fun than they are stressful. And I look forward to showing my videos in class more and more as we keep doing them.

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