The artistic side of engineering

Making Analogs of Reality Notes.

—There are four main parts too good film making: A planned out idea, good footage, a picture, and a structure.

— It is much more important what is in the video versus how you film it (type of camera, technology). A high tech, expensive camera doesn’t automatically make what you film perfect.

— A major problem with documentaries are static interviews, when you just film someone talking. It is very boring, just a talking head, and doesn’t illustrate what the person is really talking about.

— Ask questions in such a way that the interviewee goes off on their own tangent and talks about what they want to talk about, in their own words. Don’t interrogate them. You can always get back to the questions that you have planned out but if you cut them off you might never get good footage about what they were going to say.

— Keep the camera steady and always focus on the interviewee. Murphy’s Law says that as soon as you focus on something else the interviewee will do something worth filming.

— Nowadays, many people say they don’t have time to read but watching a video is much more time efficient. In addition, with technology in film-making evolving so fast, it is in our everyday lives and extremely common today.

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