The artistic side of engineering

Module 2 Pre-production.

 Topic — I plan to film Tricking Club that my roommate is in as a sort of informational video on what it is and why the members of it participate. A lot of people don’t know what it is but think it is interesting when I explain it to them so I would like to inform more people about it.

Characters — I will interview and film a variety of members both up close and in the background. Aside from my roommate, I don’t have specific names at this point but I have met them before and talked to them about the project and they were all open to participating.

Locations For the most part I will film my video in the combat room in the ARC and possibly in the gym too if they are tricking in there. I would like to have people in the background while doing the interviews so it isn’t as boring so I have to do it in the areas they can trick in.

B-roll — My idea of a majority of the filming will be a close up of interviewing different members with the rest of the members of the club in the background throwing tricks. I will also have an intro and end for the video that I will focus on different tricks with possibly music in the background.

Take-Away — I want people to understand more about what Tricking Club really is, show them how to find out further information, and potentially interest some people in participating in it in the future.

Summary — I will open with a few clips of people throwing tricks in the combat room with music over it and transition into a title slide. That will go into an interview with the main person who set up the club along with interviewing others about what tricking is and why they enjoy it. After the informational part, I’ll go back into people doing more tricks and end with the same title screen with the name of the club along with the facebook page that anybody can read about it more if they are interested.

Plan of action — Tricking meets on Fridays and Tuesdays so I will go in both days this week to film. Not everyone in the club goes every time so I will film as much of the interviews as I can on Tuesday for the rough cut and finish filming the interviews Friday so I have the time to edit it. I already have some footage of people throwing tricks but I would like more so I have a variety of footage to choose from if I need it.

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