The artistic side of engineering


Reflection: I fell a lot better overall now that I have my footage. Knowing that all I have to do is edit it now, I feel like it’s a lot less work. During shooting, especially with something like tricking, I learned that I have to be patient. It might take a dozen shots to get one that I like so I can’t rush the process if I want to get good footage. Overall, everything went pretty smoothly, the interview went even better than I expected actually. If I would do anything over it would probably just be to get footage of every person doing a trick and edit it all together into a sort of montage in the end.

What Do I Have: 20 min. interview (will be majority of video). And about 2 hours of footage of people throwing tricks. Jose’s clips in the main gym of his sideswipes and tornado kicks are especially good. Kevin’s sideflips and tries at gainers will be good too for showing persistence. People being spotted while doing sideflips and back hand springs to show safety. Other members doing fronts and Russian fronts. two 5 min. long clips of tricking lines that I can add at the beginning or end. USABLE: answer to interview questions, any trick landed smoothly, spots, and some clips of fails. KILL: clips of people attempting something but not going through with it, tricks not landed smoothly, my questions in the interview, most clips in the main gym because of lighting.

What Can I Say:

—What is tricking in general, and what is the club like at U of I.

—How did tricking originate, when did it start, where is it going.

—What do people think tricking is and why do the people in it actually do it.

I plan to go with the first one because a majority of my interview is with the president of the club so he will be able to say what it is and give me details about it at U of I and how to get involved if interested.

Reshoots: I took a ton of footage over two days of going to the club so I have more than enough to make a video. I don’t think I will need to reshoot any of it.

Evolution: The main point of my video has remained the same but little things here and there have changed. I orginially thought I would start and end the video with a montage of tricks but it turns out it’s better to do it with part of the interview and put the tricks over the the president talking so the interview isn’t boring. I also changed my original place I planned to do the interview to outside the combat room looking in just so it wouldn’t be as noisy when he is answering the questions.

Timeline: The rough draft will mostly just be the main points of the interview. I will chop it up and put it in an order that flows well, this will make it so my group can get the main gist of the video. The other material (tricks) will take a long time to edit into good shots so that will come last. I plan to put the interview into a good order and then add in the tricks here and there in a sequence that makes sense to the video and will illustrate what Jose is talking about. I will also add a title and ending screen that introduces the group and who the president is. And then the ending screen will have their facebook page and thank them for helping.

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