The artistic side of engineering


Process: During my pre-production I had planned to film the members of  CUT and show the audience what they do and why they do it. Since the beginning of this class I had wanted to do something like this and module 2 seemed like the best opportunity to do it. I planned out how I wanted the final project to turn out and planned out some of the shots in the pre-production. throughout the production and post-production some things changed based on time constraint or ability to land the trick or shot. The first day I filmed I only got video of people doing tricks and whatnot but the senior members weren’t there so I ended up scrapping a lot of that footage. The second day I went I got a lot of good footage of the better members tricking and the lighting was better so mostly all of my content is in the combat room which is what I originally planned anyways. I didn’t get enough footage of different tricks though so my original plan to have a montage of tricks at the beginning and end didn’t work out. But opening with Jose talking about how he got started and ending with what you need to trick worked out really well I think.

Feedback: I feel pretty good about the feedback I got. The main thing that people said I should improve on is when someone is explaining how something works I should always switch to a small clip of what’s going on so it is easier for the audience to understand. But the overall reaction to my video was pretty good I believe. In other people’s work I noticed changes in music as well as interviews taken at different angles to spice up the shots. I liked this a lot and think I’ll try it out next time. The most helpful piece of advise I heard was that it’s good to plan out the storyline before-hand and then build the video around that. Because you can have multiple stories or ideas told with the same footage, so you have to plan out what you want to tell your audience.

Self-reflection: I learned that when it comes to these long projects, I don’t work best in one sittings as I originally did with the shorter videos. However, I do still like to do all the editing over a course of one or two days so I don’t lose focus and stick to my original idea for the most part. I also found that I need everything in the editing process to be precise so it takes a long time to get it right. I will bother me if one thing is out of time or cut off so I have to keep rewatching the video over and over to get it prefect. Especially timing the music with the change in clips, that’s one of the most important things for me. I also like to cut EVERYTHING first into a big long video that’s out of order and then put it into a sequence so I have everything at once and don’t leave something out.

Future: I can see my video being shown to others that are just coming to UIUC and are interested in doing something like tricking. I actually did tell all of the members of CUT about it and posted it on their facebook page to show them what I did and somewhat publicize the group because they are always looking for new members. It would be a good way to get others interested in tricking and let them know about the group. Maybe even show it at quad day too!

Final Question: I don’t necessarily have a final question but after doing this module I’ve been thinking about filming the guys and gals in tricking more to maybe make a montage and put it to music. There’s a lot of these kinds of videos on YouTube but having one that I made just for fun and with people I know would be pretty cool. Maybe if I have time this year I’ll throw one together before summer. Who knows, maybe it will go viral and get everyone interested in tricking at UofI.

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