The artistic side of engineering

Article Day 1

SAT and ACT to Tighten Rules After Cheating Scandal

What intrigued me?

—The ACT was a huge factor in what college I would get accepted into and I put countless hours into studying for it so I was curious as to how someone cheated on it and what rules this would change for the standardized test to see if it will affect scores or would have affected my score.

How does it impact me?

— This article won’t directly impact me but I am quite curious as to the outcome of these new rules because the ACT was one of the things that I put the most time and effort into because it would have a big payoff. So I would like to know how the students are punished and if it will alter the test at all. It is mostly just for peace of mind.

Important points?

  1. Students used fake IDs and paid up to $3,600 for other high-scorers to take practice exams for them and get high scores
  2. The Long Island students got caught and now the standardized test companies are requiring printed photos on tickets to take exams to ensure the test take is who they say they are
  3. Because of upgraded security the price of these standardized tests is now increased to subsidize the cost
  4. Now they worry that seeing the ethnicity of the person on the test can alter a graders decision and ultimately their overall score


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