The artistic side of engineering

Article Day 2.

A Surge in Learning the Language of the Internet

What intrigued me?

This article caught my eye just because it was about the internet and the current generation. Everything nowadays is done on the internet so soon enough coding will be an essential part of school, and it looks like that time is very soon. In addition, I am personally taking a coding class next semester for my major because it is required and thought that this article could provide me with some insight on it.

How does it impact me?

— I am planning on taking classes on coding for the future for my major and I may also be using it in my career so learning that there are multiple websites that I can use to learn the basics of coding and what it can be used for will put me a step ahead of all of the other students. This article provided me with many resources to learn and expand my knowledge of coding and also got me interested more in it and excited for my future classes.

Important points?

  1. Night classes and online courses for programming and web creation is at an all time high
  2. Young adults are getting more and more interested in how the internet works and are planning to make coding a part of their career
  3. Almost everything in our everyday lives uses some form of computer or related technology and all of this uses coding to work properly so as we get more technologically savvy we need more people to take up jobs in the creation of web design and coding
  4. Nowadays there are hundreds of websites to learn the basics of coding, the most notable being Codecademy.
  5. Although professionals say that these websites don’t teach a whole ton to become superb at coding, they definitely get people interested in it and open up new paths for them to follow to become professionals themselves.

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