The artistic side of engineering

Article Day 3.

Weather Runs Hot and Cold, So Scientists Look to the Ice

What intrigued me?

— This past winter has been unusually hot compared to any recent winters and I noticed it even more than I normally do because now that I’m at college I walk almost everywhere. It was really only cold for a couple weeks and was in the 60s if not 70s in February! I’ve heard all the stuff about global warming and that weather just goes through phases and the winters will cool back down in a few years so I was interested in this article to see if scientists had come across anything new to explain the unusually nice weather in winter.

How does it impact me?

— These rising temperatures have many people worried about global warming and the long term effects. I haven’t seen the freezing winters that I remember as a child but then again that was only a few years ago. However, if these are long term effects than it will surely impact me later on down the road and can potentially change many parts of my life. For instance, the world has been trying to go green recently, and with these weather trends accelerating, the technology to slow it down will too. How I travel, how I use energy, what I do with garbage can all change and possibly change my every day life. So I’d like to know what is going on with the weather and see if I have to plan for the future.

Important points?

  1. Scientists are blaming the warmer weather on the decrease of sea ice in the Arctic because of all of the greenhouse gases we produce
  2. February marked the 324th consecutive month that global temperatures exceeded the average for that month to date ( been hotter and hotter without fail)
  3. Jet streams are moving more slowly than they used to so whatever weather we are having will most likely last longer than it would have years ago. This can lead to weather extremes like heat waves or cold spells (This is one theory, not a fact)
  4. At this point there is no way to prove the cause or if it is a climate change, we just have to wait and see

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