The artistic side of engineering

Article Day 6.

The Human Voice, as Game Changer

What intrigued me?

— I was interested in this article because it was about Nuance Communications, who make Siri for the iPhone and everyone knows what a huge craze that was when it first came out. So I wanted to find out what new technology they are working on for future electronics and how it will affect our everyday lives. Will everything eventually be voice activated? Also, I wanted to learn how this would impact how we interact with each other and what will become¬†obsolete in the near future.

How does it impact me?

— It looks as though this is the future to technology today. Soon enough everything will have voice-recognition/activation technology in it just like we see in sci-fi movies. They say that this could make things like steering wheels and mouses obsolete because everything will be done with your voice. If this is true it will completely change how we send and receive information nowadays and possibly make everything more productive.

Important points?

  1. Nuance Communications, the creator of Siri is now working to include voice recognition in many other household electronics, such as TVs
  2. They are implementing this voice activated technology in everything from cars to coffee makers to make our lives easier and more productive
  3. Nuance has bought out many competitors in the last few years and grown to be the king in their niche of technology, nearly doubling their share price since August
  4. People worry that this voice recognition records everything you say to it and could potentially get private information but Nuance ensures that it doesn’t recognize you based on your voice or record what you say, it only knows you based on the device you use

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