The artistic side of engineering

Everything is an Argument.

Religion is a choice

Inform/Convince — I would argue that although there are many types of religions on campus we are all similar to each other. I would find people of different religions and just film clips of their everyday lives to inform that no matter what religion or no religion everyone is a good person at heart

Every action changes my future

Convince — My argument would be that we don’t have any predetermined path and everything you do has an effect on your future. So I would film the same scenario at the start, for instance waking up for class on time versus waking up late. And show two “parallel worlds” where things just escalade and cause a sort of chain reaction that will eventually lead to two different outcomes. This is the idea that I am planning to go with I’m pretty sure.

Your mood affects how you’re treated

Inform/Convince — This is one that not a lot of people would be on the opposing side of but I could still argue that your mood affects others and will ultimately change how they treat you. I would film how people treat me when I am in different moods and compare the two.

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