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This I Believe: Fine/Final Draft

Religion is not a necessity in life, it’s a choice. However, there are people out there that think religion is necessary to be a good person.  Growing up I was always taught to follow what I believe regardless of what others say. I needed to respect what they believe but under no circumstances had to change what I thought because they said so. My parents taught me and my sister about what is in the bible and their personal morals but never told us that we should believe it too. We were able to make up our own minds on what was right and wrong. There was one particular moment with my father though that changed my outlook on life.

My dad has always been my hero and ever since I can remember he has always been the one to help without payment or even thanks. Lending things out to those in need, fixing relatives’ appliances free of charge, even once giving a homeless man enough money to get back home to Minnesota. I’ll never know if that man actually spent the money to get home, but when I asked my dad why he gave this stranger the money he just said, “That money is more valuable to him than it is to me. I hope he’d do the same in my situation”. That’s my father, doing the right thing without a second thought. I had recently been talking to him about our family’s views on religion and, for the first time, my father told me that he is an atheist. During his childhood, my father was raised Christian but as he grew up my dad said he found out that he no longer relied on religion and didn’t need to believe in a god to do the right thing. He said that his motivation to do the right thing was because by helping others he thought it would allow them to help him later on. Karma.

Ever since then, I realized that it doesn’t matter what religion you practice if you practice one at all, you should be a good person because it’s who you are, not who you want to be seen as. I don’t need the idea of a god looking over me to do good deeds, I do them because I want to make myself a better person and hope that others do the same.

~I never quite realized until now how thankful I am for how my parents raised me. They helped me become who I am today. I am extremely proud to be their son and hope they are proud of me as well.

One response

  1. kimber

    Adam, nice work on the essay. It is clear concise and from your own experience. I have no suggestions for revision…you nailed it.

    April 11, 2012 at 9:02 pm

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