The artistic side of engineering

Module 3: Pre-production and Research.

Topic: The topic I want to do for my video is a kind of meditation/reflection one that we talked about in the reading. I want to express my thoughts on the idea that every action a person takes changes their future rather than the idea that we have a predetermined fate. I was thinking about doing this topic because I’ve recently focused more on it and it’s basically how I live my life; conscientious of everything I do, and balancing living in the moment vs planning for the future. I am planning to film two scenarios that start at the same spot but end differently based on my actions. And I want it to be fairly simple (like waking up late for class vs on time) because I want to talk over most of the video and have what I’m saying (more generalized) to play into what’s on screen. My plan for onscreen is to show a student(me) waking up late for class and waking up on time like in a parallel world. And show how that action can change my other actions and eventually lead to a different outcome for the day. I also want to talk over the video maybe just at the beginning and end to just say my belief and why I think this way. I definitely want to steer clear of saying thinking another way is wrong though. I want to just throw the idea out there and say some things to maybe sway the audience’s opinion. I also don’t want to relate this back to religion, just explain how and why I live my life this way to get other people thinking about it too.

Characters: Because the theme for my video is mostly internal I either plan to only have myself in the video (doing the actions while someone films me) or film one of my friends or roommates. I’m not entirely sure which way would be better because I want to do the filming myself but obviously can’t if I’m always the one being filmed.

Locations: What I had in mind was show two “parallel worlds” so to say of me waking up for class on time and waking up late. Most of this filming would be done on my way to a class so it will be outside. My main locations I have in mind are in my room, in the hall waiting for the elevator, lobby, and the street to the quad (specifically the intersection of 4th and Daniel to show me catching the light and not catching it). If it lasts for longer I could also show me getting into the lecture hall when it’s empty and when it’s full so it’s hard to get a seat, but that would be more complicated.

B-roll: Begin by showing my alarm clock, one going off and me getting out of bed, the other me hitting snooze and waking up late. Also show me waiting for an elevator calmly on time and waiting in a hurry and eventually running to the stairs in the other. leisurely walking to class with headphones in vs. running to get there on time. Catching the light vs. getting stuck waiting again at the corner. In between locations I was planning to take  closeups of my shoes (running) to kind of move the film along to new locations. When I finally  get to class I wanted a close up of my face too to illustrate the stress that it caused.

Take Away: I want my audience to understand what I mean by every actions changes my future and contemplate whether or not they believe that it is true and agree or believe otherwise. I personally would like to hear from others that believe in something else so I can hear what they have to say.

Summarize: I believe that every action someone takes has an effect on their future. I want to illustrate this with a short/simple story of a student going to class on time vs. late and show the differences that an action can have. I will talk over the video for some if not most of it too to really get my point across to the audience. In the end, I want them to understand my view and have this film get them thinking about their views, possibly changing someone’s opinion.

Plan of Action: For this plan I really only need one other person to help me film, which will be my roommate. So I just need to find one or two good days outside to film along the few blocks to the quad. I plan to do this over the weekend after Easter or the one after that. Other than the camera that I usually use, I am going to try using the built-in mic on my PC to record audio and lay it over the video. If this doesn’t end up working well I will rent out another mic from the Art and Design building.



  • Basically a whole website on the matter. Most views from the east believe in fate while in the west most believe in free will
  • “…hope dies the minute we conclude that something is ‘fixed’.”
  • “Any invention ever made is always a result of free will powered by the supreme spirit”
  • “Fate or free will – what we believe in will be true for us”


  • “I live my life as if I have free will but I understand that events arrive to me often without me having any say in them.”
  • Many people have the same view where they believe in free will but also say there are things that they couldn’t change in their life


  • “…believe themselves to possess so much free will that they can pretty well change anything just by deciding to change it. And while this is indeed true for everybody; to some degree, it is true for some people to a greater degree than it is for others”
  • Whatever you set your mind to you can do…for the most part
  • If something happens that you don’t think you could have changed, it could have been different if timing was different

— This one is kinda different, but it’s about the show Lost which does cover fate vs free will —

  • This idea is just one of the main points of the show, found it interesting.

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