The artistic side of engineering

Module 3: Production.

Authorship: I am going to play two roles in my video. Because it focuses on my belief and why I believe I will both be the main person in the film as well as the narrator. Most, if not all of my clips will be of me doing various things or going to class. And I will narrate over it talking about a more general idea and relating to what is going on in the film. I want to inform my audience of my belief that every action changes a person’s future and how it affects my everyday life. Not only how I consider things and what I think about but also the mood that I am in because of it. My main goal is to get the audience thinking about it and leave them knowing what I mean while pondering over what they believe or if their opinion has now changed. The best way for me to do this I think is to introduce my idea more generally and then show clips of how a small action (waking up late vs. on time) can change the outcome of your day and possibly even later on. This will provide a simple example of my idea while my narration will get the full picture.

Content: I would like to include my viewpoint on fate vs. free will clearly at the beginning of my film. I plan to have a short introduction to explain what I mean and have it transition into the main body of the film in which I can relate what I am saying to what’s on screen. I definitely plan to narrate at the beginning and end but am not entirely sure about in the main chunk, depending on the content I have and if it would just be better to let music play or leave it alone with just the sounds of the film. As well as information someone needs no know to understand, I suppose just know what they believe and compare it to what I say. Since I am going to build up my belief from the beginning they won’t really need to know much. Other than narration, there will be little to no conversation in my video. I am also not going to have an interview so there will be no questions to ask someone.



  • Clock changing times and alarm sounding (close up)
  • Me waking up and getting out of bed/hitting snooze and falling back to sleep (medium shots at same position)
  • Opening door(cu), turning light on(med), brushing teeth(vary), shower(cu), getting dressed(cu), putting shoes(cu) on [daily things]
  • walking out the door casually/running out the door late for class (medium to far, again at same position)
  • walking/running to class [various shots, not planned out specifically yet]
  • getting to class [opening and closing door] (far)
  • taking test in rush/calm and collected (close up)
  • receiving good grade and poor grade [conclusion] (medium)
  • and my reaction (close up)
  • walking down the stairs/running down stairs to burst open door (medium)
  • getting stuck at crosswalk and having to wait impatiently
  • running across quad to make it to class on time (far)
  • the “almost hit by a car scene” but seems too dangerous…
  • missing the bus?
–The three places all of these shots will be filmed will be at my dorm, on the way to class [Daniel] or in one of the buildings on the quad, I’m thinking Noyes. All of them will show my general schedule for going to class when I have time versus when I wake up late. I need my actions to be a little exaggerated too in my ‘rushed’ clips to illustrate the lack of time I have and emphasize the effect it has on me.

Anxieties and Obstacles: The only anxieties I have are getting certain shots, like in the classroom and running across the quad. This is mostly because I will look kinda like a fool doing this. But then again, if it makes the film then I’ll do it. Also I will need to remember to wear the same clothes and work fast so it looks like they are at the same time of day since I pretty much have to do it on the same day. Alternatives would just be to get other footage if I can’t go through with certain shots. There’s so much I can film that there won’t be a lack of footage for a 5-8 min. video. Other than that, there isn’t very much because I don’t have to set up interviews or anything so it will all be on my own time, whenever the weather is nice out. And for that I’ll just have both pairs of clothes with me and watch the weather, nothing to stressful.

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