The artistic side of engineering

What I have so far.

As of right now I have about half of my footage. There are two main parts to my film, inside my dorm, and outside. I have filmed everything I plan to film inside my dorm and now all that is left is to get the footage of me going to class…twice. So the rest of it isn’t hard, it’ll just take a little while, maybe a couple hours and I plan to do that this weekend. Last night I started editing a little bit for the beginning and a new anxiety came up for me. Because of the way my video is going to be laid out I want to have a split screen with two things happening at the same time. And although this has worked out so far, I think it’ll be more difficult later on to get both things on the screen and at a size that works well. It will just take more time to figure out than I thought but hopefully won’t be a huge obstacle. My initial idea hasn’t changed all that much from what it originally was, just adding and taking out a few shots is all.

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