The artistic side of engineering

Module 3: Post-production.

Reflection: Now that I have my footage most of the work is done. Because of how I shot my footage there won’t be a lot of transitions in the editing so it is done for the most part. The only part I have left is to record me talking over the footage so that it flows well with what’s on screen. Filming this video taught me that it takes a TON of reshooting to get the footage I need for a creative piece like this. I came across a few obstacles along the way, like lighting and timing with other people in the shot when I filmed outside. And probably the most tragic was getting the perfect shot just for the battery to run out…the one time I didn’t check it. But nothing too serious. If I were to do it again I would probably do everything at the same time of day because even with a half hour difference or so the lighting won’t be the most consistent.

What I have:

  • Alarm close up/turning off
  • Getting out of bed
  • Hitting snooze repeatedly
  • Mirror shot/brushing teeth
  • Toilet
  • Shower/getting dressed
  • Keys/Wallet/Headphones
  • Walking out door
  • Reaction to waking up late
  • Rushing to get ready
  • Walking out back
  • Saying hi to someone
  • Tree shots! (favorite)
  • Crosswalk/getting stuck at it
  • running to class
  • getting stuck in crowd
  • Walking to quad/to Noyes
  • Shoes shot (intro?)
  • Walking towards and away from camera (intro/ending?)
*Stuff in green are shots to definitely use
**Stuff in red are kill shots

What can I say:

  • To show how one decision can affect the rest of your day. This is a simple way to show my philosophy that every action affects a person’s future. I’m almost positive this is the direction I will end up going.
  • I could also show how time is a major determining factor in our lives and how we live it. It is basically what causes us to do certain things and the reactions and anxieties that come with it. I could also go this way since my footage focuses on time management and whatnot. Now that I think about it, this way could work really well too.
  • The only other thing I could use my footage for that I can think of is to show the importance of being punctual but I don’t necessarily have a cause/effect for being on time/__________ so I most likely won’t go this way.

Reshoots: I am planning to reshoot the shots of me rushing to class because I want the lighting to be as consistent as possible with the two scenarios. I will need to reshoot me exiting the building, getting stuck at the crosswalk, and then running on the quad. But it shouldn’t take too long. In addition, I still need to record myself talking over the footage. But I am not going to do that until I have the entire length of video edited how I want, and then create and rearrange what I want to say according to the sequence of video so it flows nicely with a good introduction to my idea, middle to explain it in a simple matter, and nice ending to sum it all up and keep the audience thinking about their opinion.

Evolution: Overall, I’ve stuck to my original idea. At this point I won’t be changing my idea because it follows my philosophy on how I think and live my life and that won’t change so my overall point won’t either. If anything changes, it will just be the shots that I use to get my point across. I’ve taken more shots than I need and some can be a little tedious so I will take some out to shorten it up a little. It’s evolved into a more precise idea that I want to get across, but I will still try to leave it off in a broad sense that everyone can relate to.

Timeline: My rough draft is just my unedited footage in a logical sequence so that I can explain my focus of this video and my group gets it. The fine draft is a mostly edited version of the final product, minus the “late scenario” because I am going to refilm it. I also don’t have the intro and ending that introduces my belief and ends it but that will come at the very end. The audience will be able to follow my fine draft quite well. For my completed project I will add in a 30 second or so intro and ending and clean up some of the editing. I will also lay my speaking over the video and balance out the sounds so it comes out clean and professional. I am not showing my film until the last day so I have extra time to work on this but I am planning to be done for the most part by the end of this week with just a few minor tweaks to fix over the weekend.

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