The artistic side of engineering

Module 3: Reflection.

Process: From the beginning I was planning to do a video that would be a little more philosophical/internal. When we were brainstorming in class I kind of was set on doing the idea that every action changes your future. My idea didn’t really change from this original theme as I started filming and whatnot. I ended up filming all of my footage on three different days. I filmed the inside scenes on one day, outside scenario 1 on another, and outside scenario 2 on one of the last days. I did this because I took a lot of shots so I couldn’t fit it into one day. Also, I wanted it to be the same time of day for the two scenes so it would look more like two parallel worlds. Then I edited in two big chunks, one for each scenario. Breaking it down like this was a good idea because by getting each scenario done at one time allowed me to focus more and get it to flow better while distinguishing a difference between the two. During the editing I had some input from my roommate who helped me film because he knew about what I was going for and gave me some good advice on how to edit. All of these led me to create my final piece that still followed my original idea even though I changed up minor things. In the end I did get my main point across and hope that it made the audience think about it and consider this view on life for themselves.

Feedback: I really liked the feedback I got in class. Everyone had quite a bit to say about my project and it helped me to learn what the audience likes and dislikes. The class was very sincere with what they said while giving me honest advice for the future which helped me the most. While commenting on other peoples’ work I noticed that everyone kind of fell into two categories, one with narration and talking to the audience, and one with interviews, some even did both. I think most people did this because it is one of the easiest and clearest ways to get an opinion across to an audience and inform them of what is going on. The most helpful feedback I got was the audiences opinion on my narration. I wasn’t exactly sure how much I should narrate or if what I put in was the right amount. Everyone agreed that my amount of narration was good because it helped illustrate my idea and then I cut out my narration and added in the music because then the audience focuses on what is happening on screen more. They also said that beginning and ending it with talking was good too.

Self-reflection: I mostly stuck to the same things I found in my previous projects. I prefer to plan out my shots beforehand and have a good visual idea of what I want. I never really go into filming just going to film everything and see what I want. For this project I had my roommate film me and he really understood what I wanted and got the shots I imagined so it worked out quite well. The majority of the work in my opinion is getting the shots. Once I get everything on camera the rest is pretty easy. And I still prefer in big chunks or doing things all at once as far as editing. Overall I’ve kinda stuck to the same guidelines and ways that I had when I started with picking up a few things here and there. I do however find that I don’t like working under pressure and I usually end up doing last minute editing the night before which I want to try and avoid from now on.

Future: I can see my video just being a motivational video that gets people to really think about what they do everyday and how their actions change the world around them. After making it myself I felt like I should really take advantage of what I have and never take it for granted. I should go out and live my life the way I want because I’m in complete control. Afterwards I really thought about where I am now and how I got here and realized that it’s because of what I’ve done with my life, how hard I’ve tried. It wasn’t destined or anything, it was because of what I did and who I’ve become. I can see my video potentially being considered in religion too even though that wasn’t what I had intended because religion almost always deals with life, death, and afterlife. And whether what we do affects where we will go or if it is already written in stone from the beginning. I mostly only see my video as one on YouTube that some people will enjoy and really relate too which is really all I wanted to begin with.

Final Question: I don’t have a final question or comment about my process for this project. But overall I learned a lot in the class and really enjoyed how it was taught. I have taken a film studies class before but this was more in depth and really made me pay attention to detail in films and understand the underlying meaning. This has by far been one of my favorite classes I have taken and will undoubtedly take a lot away with me.

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