The artistic side of engineering

Distractions and giving something up.

During the making of my sentence videos I came across many distractions, and I mean many. I had been meaning to finish up my projects since the day that we were assigned them but I just kept putting them off, telling myself I still had time. I kept myself busy with anything from listening to and playing music to playing video games or going out with friends. Anything that would distract me from the actual project for a while and not worry about it, I did. With my roommates always around the tv was always on or there was someone I was always talking to. And I personally can’t focus on video editing while doing something else, so I ended up staying up late at night a couple nights to grind away at the video while everyone else was asleep.

As far as giving something up, my biggest problem I have at the moment is multitasking on the internet while attempting to do homework. I think it would be good to give this up because I’ll be able to focus more on schoolwork when it’s necessary. Homework will take me only a fraction of the time that it does now and I will ultimately be able to accomplish more in my day without the added distraction. This will be a great experiment to see how it influences my grades and understanding of school, and if it makes a significant difference, I will definitely do my best to stick with it.


My other two videos:



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