The artistic side of engineering


Authorship: During my interview I will cut out my voice so it is purely just the interviewee talking about what Tricking Club is and his interactions with the members of it and what they do. For some of my shots I will set up a tripod and film while members do tricks and I may even attempt to myself so if I am in the video at all it will be of me in the background. I want this video to be more informational where it is just the president of the club discussing what they do. I don’t plan to narrate over the video either.


Content: It will be a mix of an interview with the president of Tricking Club and of clips from people doing different tricks. My video will explain mostly everything to the audience so even if they know nothing about it, they will by the end. Some questions:

–What is tricking?

–How did you start out tricking?

–What’s the difference between tricking, freerunning, and parkour?

–How safe is it?

–Do you need experience to join?

–What kind of events do you guys have?

–How can I contact the group if I am interested?


Shots: I will need one consistent shot of the interview, ideally in a location that the audience will be able to see people throwing tricks in the background so it is a little more interesting than just watching a static interview. In addition, I will need multiple shots of people doing different tricks to illustrate the variety of skills that the members possess and can teach. I also plan to set up a tripod and film 10 min intervals that I will crossfade together while the camera stays still so the people fade in and out of their tricks. I will get multiple views of the combat room to show where they hold the club too. I will also do some handheld camera work with tricking lines where the members just doing their best tricks back to back in a line to get a nice ending to the video.


Anxieties and Obstacles: Because of the topic that I chose, it will be a lot of trial and error with what I film and what the members can land so none of the shots I can guarantee that I will get. Because of this I plan to go to a few sessions and film everything that I can to get the best shots for the video. I also worry about technology malfunctions and having the process overall just take longer than it should. This stresses me out because I am one of the first people to go.

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