The artistic side of engineering

“I walk into a room” reflection.

1. What do you do to procrastinate on tasks?
  • When I procrastinate I usually will do what most other people do to waste time, browse the internet. I’ll find things to entertain me on YouTube, imgur, reddit, or any other website that has little bits of random information that tend to interest me. And most of the time I get stuck in this trap and waste endless hours doing absolutely nothing. If I’m on a mission to put off my work, I’ll also go and watch tv or play videogames, sometimes even take a nap. Over the years I’ve mastered the art of procrastination, and continue to practice my art every day.
2. What are your daily routines?
  • I’m also a very routine person. Every day I’ll wake up, take a shower, eat, brush my teeth, and go to class. In between classes I’ll walk back to my dorm and relax for the hour or two that I have down time. Lunch is always at 11:00 and dinner is always at 5:30. I then start homework afterwards and take a break to work out. Any free time I have I will fill in with the activities I use to procrastinate along with hanging out with people. Overall, I prefer having a routine, not just doing things whenever I can fit them in. But at the same time I do like weekends when I have nothing planned as a good break from watching the clock all the time.

3. Tharp discusses the idea of the “touch of god talent” in the chapter, who do you perceive to have the “touch of god” talent and why?  If you don’t believe in this idea, tell me why not.

  • In my opinion, having the “touch of god” is something that few people have. It’s having the natural talent at something that makes you unbelievably skilled at one thing or another. Now, everyone can learn to be good at certain tasks over time, but for some people it just clicks, and they can do it right off the bat. This is usually what makes people famous, such as Tony Hawk or Frank Sinatra. They stand out and are known because they have their own “touch of god” that puts them above and beyond anyone else. However, having this extreme skill doesn’t automatically make you famous either. This is one of the reasons I love YouTube, it’s a place for people to show off their talent to the world and show how amazing humanity really is. I’ve attached a few links to people that I think have their own, unique, “touch of god”.
  1. (Amazing finger painting)
  2. (Human beatbox)
  3. (Best dancer I’ve seen)

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